I just finished one of the best horror movie history documentaries I’ve seen thus far! My fellow horror movie lovers you must check out “Nightmares, In Red, White, and Blue”. It is a remarkable film of interesting explanations of why horror movies both intrigue and repell some of us. Going into depth on how they have so many ties to the events that have happened to us via our lovely government, and the actions of those in power throughout history.
I’ve always thought that to everything there is a rhyme and a reason. Even in something some of us take for granted, such as the campy, over exaggerated, common horror flick! That is the most common thought anyways, I however have always appreciated them in a different light. The birth of the idea, the reason the character(s) are what they are. We’ve all seen them, we’ve all screamed, and have had the cold chill of death at our neck when watching alone in the dark. But, have you really wondered why it attracts you, or better yet why it has in some cases affected life? Well, this documentary more than just a trip down memory lane, of childhood scares of the past, opens up a whole new can of creeps!

I highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t already, and if you have? I would definitely love to hear your thoughts on the film?