Restless Artist

Danielle Sanchez-Aldana

Artist & Dental Lab Technician


I have a background in sculpture using mediums such as; wax, clay, and powder porcelains.

I have experience in molding and casting using a diverse grade of plasters, silicones, and alginates.


Utilizing my fine arts education in color theory I have enjoyed an extensive history as a painter.

My experience consists of painting masks, sets, people, and props.

Dental Restorations

As a recent graduate in the art of dental restorations I have used my previous art experience to create realistic prosthetics to improve patients quality of life.

Specializing as a ceramist, I hand build porcelain crowns, and implants. Using photo references to color match all the characteristics of remaining teeth.

Life is made up of way more than is visible to the naked eye. I intend to see, touch, smell, and hear it all!


About me

Self proclaimed artist (creatist) in every sense of the word. Drawing, painting, sculpting, fabricating, and special effects makeup are my weapons of choice! I love to surround myself with the strange and unusual.


Beaverton's first charter school

Promoting bilingualism, biliteracy, cultural competence and high academic performance

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